Introduction to Your Creative Wheelhouse

Baseball strike zone

You can create

Ever since I can remember, I have felt a pull towards creating. Creating is making something from nothing or to bring something into existence. It allows your mind to ramble, to float around, if you will, and use things that are all around us within our environment to form something new.

In fact, if you think about it, we *all* create each day. But......are we aware of it? We run into challenges trying to get kids out the door to school or packed for a vacation and inevitably there's some hiccup that pops up to prevent us from continuing on our path: either a button missing from our shirt, a busted backpack strap or a broken shoelace. In each of these scenarios, our brain scrambles to find a simple, yet quick solution whether it be a safety pin to compensate for a lost button, a piece of ribbon or rope to fill in as a strap or robbing an older shoe of a shoelace to complete the current shoes affliction.

Do you remember the last time you created something out of nothing just to get through the day? I bet if you think about it, you could easily come up with several recent scenarios. Taking that thought one step in a fun direction, when is the last time you created a craft using that same MacGyver approach? Finding several pieces in your everyday life to make something you could use to decorate your home, or a school project? I feel so inspired by my immediate environment to create something. More specifically, I love to create crafts and share them. That said, I've formed Your Creative Wheelhouse.

What is a wheelhouse you say?

The definition of a wheelhouse can be attributed to several things. One being from baseball (of a pitch): within the zone that is most advantageous for a batter to hit a home run, more like a *power zone*. Outside of baseball it can be within one's area of expertise or interest: There are some subjects that are in your wheelhouse and some that are not. In nautical terms, it's a place in the front of the vessel where the captain steers.


boat wheel

Now all that sounds pretty standard Webster dictionary-ish, but being in your power zone is a pretty special thing. What is your power zone? At Your Creative Wheelhouse that power zone is creating and crafting. Creating and crafting is something I am passionate about, so I've formed a place for you. Your Creative Wheelhouse is where YOU can visit to be inspired by and make your own DIY crafts with me at the wheel to show you how to create something new. Join me on this journey as we create crafts and make memories to share with those that you love.

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